Prof. Dan Oron


Prof. Dan Oron
Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science

Personal Webpage:
Phone: 08-9346282

Prof. Dan Oron in the I-CORE group research:
The group’s research is centered around two topics: The photophysics of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals and advanced microscopy and imaging techniques. Often, there is considerable overlap between the two. In particular, we study nonlinear and sub-diffraction limited imaging with nanocrystal labels.

Gunther Scheunert
Graduate students:
Ben Leshem
Lior Neeman
Ayelet Teitelboim
Noga Meir
Ron Tenne

ERC starting grant

Levinson prize

Member of the Israeli Young Academy



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Papagiakoumou E, Begue A, Leshem B, Schwartz O, Stell BM, Bradley J, Oron D, Emiliani V. (2013) Functional Patterned Multiphoton Excitation Deep Inside Scattering Tissue (

Schwartz O, Levitt JM, Tenne R, Itzhakov S, Deutsch Z, Oron D. (2013) Superresolution Microscopy With Quantum Emitters (