Prof. Yonina Eldar


Prof. Yonina Eldar
Electrical Engineering, Technion

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Phone: 04-8293256

Prof. Yonina Eldar in the I-CORE group research:
Optimization techniques and signal processing methods for optical information processing.

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Lior Weizman
Shay Maymon
PhD. Students:
Tanya Chernyakova
Deborah Cohen
M.Sc Students:
Kfir Aberman
Omer Bar-Ilan
Ron Freudenthal
David Cohen
Amir Kiperwas

2014: SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize 2014.

2014: IEEE ICASSP Show and Tell Best demo Award.

2014: IEEE/AESS Fred Nathanson Memorial Radar Award, “For contribution to Sub-
Nyquist Sampling Theory with Application to Radar and Array Processing”.

2013: IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Achievement Award,
“For fundamental contributions to Sub-Nyquist and Compressed Sampling,
Convex Optimization and Statistical Signal Processing”.

2013: Hershel Rich Innovation Award (for super-resolution in optical devices).

2013: Technion’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

2013: Edwards Chair in Engineering.

2012: Elected an IEEE Fellow “For contributions to Compressed Sampling, Generalized
Sam-pling, and Convex Optimization”.

2012: Selected to the Young Israel Academy of Science.

2012: IET Circuits, Devices and Systems Premium Award.

2012: Selected to the Israel Committee for Higher Education (MALAG).

2012: Best Student Paper Award IEEE Conference on Signal Processing (Awarded to
Yuejie Chi; joint paper with R. Calderbank).

2012: Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer.

2011: Selected as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel.

2011: Weizmann Prize for Exact Sciences.

2011: Best Student Poster Award SPIE Medical Imaging Conference (Awarded to my
student Noam Wagner; joint paper with A. Feuer and Z. Friedman).

2010: Google research faculty award.

2010: Michael Bruno Memorial Award from the Rothschild Foundation.

2009: Technion’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

2008: Award for Women with Distinguished Contributions, Haifa Municipality.

2008: Muriel & David Jacknow Award for Excellence in Teaching.

2008: Technion Outstanding Lecture Award.

2008: Best Student Paper Award IEEE Israel (Awarded to my student M.
Mishali; joint paper with J. Tropp).

2008: Hershel Rich Innovation Award (for sub-Nyquist wideband sensing).

2007: Henry Taub Prize for Excellence in Research.

2007: Young Author Best Paper Award of the IEEE Signal Processing
Society (Awarded to my student A. Wiesel; joint paper with S.Shamai).

2006: Reviewer Appreciation Award for the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.

2005: Andre and Bella Meyer Academic Lectureship.

2005: Best Student Paper Award IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in
Wireless Communications (SPAWC) (Awarded to my student A. Wiesel;
joint paper with S. Shamai).

2004: Wolf Foundation Krill Prize for Excellence in Research.

2003: Alon Fellow.

2002: Career Development Chair – Technion.

2002: Horev Fellow in the Leaders of Science and Technology Program at
the Technion.


Y. Shechtman, A. Beck and Y. C. Eldar, “GESPAR: Efficient Phase Retrieval of Sparse Signals”, IEEE Transactions Signal Processing, vol.62, issue 4, pp. 928 – 938, Feb. 2014

Y. Shechtman, Y. C. Eldar, O. Cohen, H. N. Chapman, J. Miao and M. Segev, “Phase Retrieval with Application to Optical Imaging”, submitted to IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Feb. 2014

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A. Szameit,      Y. Shechtman,    E. Osherovich,   E. Bullkich,     P. Sidorenko,       H. Dana,         S. Steiner,      E. B. Kley, S. Gazit,    T. Cohen-Hyams,     S. Shoham,       M. Zibulevsky,   I. Yavneh,       Y. C. Eldar,   O. Cohen and M. Segev, ” Sparsity-Based Single-Shot Subwavelength Coherent Diffractive Imaging “, Nature Materials [Online], Supplementary Info, April 2012.