Prof. Netanel Lindner


Prof. Netanel Lindner
Physics, Technion

Personal Webpage:
Phone: 04-8292803

Prof. Netanel Lindner in the I-CORE group research:
My current research involves strongly correlated many-body systems, topological phases and light-matter interactions. I am also interested in the interface between these physical systems and the theory of quantum information and computation.

Luis Seabra
Graduate Students:
Vlad Streltsin
Vladimir Kalnizky
Barak Katzir

2013 Fellow, Taub center for Leaders in Science and Technology

2012 Alon Fellowship

2009 Rothschild Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

2008 Israel Physical Society Prize for a Graduate Student in Theoretical Physics

2007 Clore Foundation Award

2007 Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Award for Outstanding Graduate Students

2007 Wolf Foundation Award

2004 Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Award for Outstanding Graduate Students

2004 Gutwirth Foundation Special Scholarship

2001- 2002 Member of the Technion Excellence Program for Undergraduates

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Erez Berg, Sebastian D. Huber, N. H. Lindner, Sign Reversal of the Hall Response in a Crystalline Superconductor, arXiv:1403.2729

Dara P. S. McCutcheon, N. H. Lindner, Terry Rudolph, Error distributions on large entangled states with non-Markovian dynamics, arXiv:1403.4956.