Prof. Ulf Leonhardt


Prof. Ulf Leonhardt
Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science

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Phone: 08-9346337

Prof. Ulf Leonhardt in the I-CORE group research:
I work on connections between optics and quantum optics with ideas from general relativity – on the geometry of light. Applications include experimental analogues of the event horizon, invisibility cloaking, perfect imaging and Casimir forces.

David Bermudez
William Simpson
Graduate Students:
Jonathan Drori
Shamir Rosen ( jointly with Prof. Yaron Silberberg)

Otto Hahn Award of the Max Planck Society 1994

Joachim Tiburtius Award of the Berlin Senate 1994

Fellow of the Institute of Physics 2002

Scientific American 50 Award 2006

Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award 2008

Outstanding Referee of the American Physical Society 2008

Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 2009

Theo Murphy Blue Skies Award of the Royal Society 2009

Thousand Talents Award of China 2012

U. Leonhardt, Optical Conformal Mapping, Science 312, 1777-1780 (2006) [mentioned by Science in the top ten research insights of the decade 2000-2010].

U. Leonhardt and T. G. Philbin, General Relativity in Electrical Engineering, New J. Phys. 8, 247 (2006).