Prof. Nirit Dudovich


Prof. Nirit Dudovich
Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science

Personal Webpage:
Phone: 08-9342890

Prof. Nirit Dudovich in the I-CORE group research:
Our group studies basic phenomena in strong field light-matter interactions, focusing In particular on the generation and measurement of attosecond processes. We develop new approaches to observe these phenomena and manipulate their evolution in time and space.

Gil Porat
Michael Kruger – Awarded the Koshland prize for outstanding postdocs
Research Associate:
Barry Bruner
Graduate Students:
Oren Raz – Awarded the FGS prize for outstanding PhD students
Hadas Soifer – Awarded the Adams Fellowship, FGS prize for outstanding PhD students
Oren Pedazur
Doron Azoury
Gal Orenstein – Awarded the FGS prize for outstanding MSc students

Allon fellowship (2008)

IUPAP Young Scientist Prize (2012)

IPS Prize for Young Physicist (2012)

Krill prize for excellence in scientific research (2013)

ERC Starting investigator grant, European Research Council (2013)


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